Academic Learning.

In the initial stages, the focus of the College has been to establish a strong sense of community, building a highly motivated, challenging and satisfying learning environment, whilst progressively adding special features. The weekly Chapel/Assembly with guest speakers, awards, plays, Bible readings, and singing, has led to a keen willingness to participate and develop leadership skills. In the small classes, students are kept fully engaged at their appropriate levels. Homework is integrated and compulsory.

Co-curricular Activities.

The Arts Program is available in both the primary and secondary sections of the College. The Co-Curricular Arts Program is designed to help complement your child’s education. A love of the arts is encouraged at Border Rivers, whether students perform in competitions, or purely for their own pleasure. Music and the arts are a mandatory part of a student’s education at Border Rivers Christian College, from Preparatory to Year 10. Individual instrumental classes will be made available on request, and the learning of an instrument is encouraged. As in most Independent schools, this can be arranged to be conducted during school hours.

Border Rivers Christian College believes a good sporting program is a vital part of a balanced education. In the first term students participate in swimming programs. In Term 2 we hold our cross country, and Term 3 other events such as athletics. We also join with other schools for events conducted during the year. At present our sporting facilities are limited on campus, so students are bussed to various sporting facilities around the community. Goondiwindi has excellent sports and recreational facilities and the College will continue to take advantage of these. Every opportunity is given for regional competition, such as MacIntyre Zone, Darling Downs and beyond. Involvement in local sporting clubs is highly encouraged.

We aim to provide students with a range of sporting experiences, and it is anticipated that unique sporting activities will be developed in future. We welcome suggestions and parental input into our sporting programs. We hope that sport will be a positive experience for all students, where the willingness to be actively involved is just as important as the final result. At the same time, we strive for excellence and encourage every student to maximise their physical potential and experience across a wide range of different sports. As such, it is expected that every student participates in physical education.

Co-curricular activities are designed to complete the total education of your child. Whenever possible, our students participate in community events, such as ANZAC Day, the Eisteddfod, and other opportunities as they arise. Students are expected to participate in these events and be in the correct uniform.